Ohio Champions send love letters to Houston

Zakiyah’s students watch news footage of flooding in Houston.

Since Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, many have rallied to help those affected. Kids from our Champions program in Bellbrook, Ohio, wanted to know how they could lend a hand – and channeled their charitable energy into writing letters of encouragement to victims of the record-breaking storm.

“The kids wanted to know what we could do to help these people,” said Zakiyah Liggins, Site Director for the Champions program at Sugarcreek Elementary.

Hurricane Harvey became a curriculum topic at the site. Students learned about what natural disasters are, what causes them, and watched appropriate news coverage and video footage of the storm. She said that immediately, kids channeled their emotions into compassion for the victims.

“I was surprised to see just how compassionate they were,” she said. “It’s easy to blow things off when they aren’t happening to you, but seeing the damage made them want to do something.”

Sugarcreek Champions write letters and cards to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

One of Zakiyah’s students, Kyra, has an uncle who hosts a radio show on Majic 102.1 in Houston. Through that connection, the site’s letters and cards were delivered to shelters in Houston. The DJ was so moved by the kids’ kind words, he shared some on his radio show. Listen here.

Now, Zakiyah and her students are taking their efforts to the next level. Over the next few weeks, they’re collecting socks, clothing and gift cards for families in need. Zakiyah plans to partner with a charity in her area to collect these vital items.

“We’re blessed to have such caring leaders in our area,” said Erica Daniels. “We exemplify the KCE Service Values in all of our programs each and every day and this story is a testament to the genuine care and concern that our teachers live by!”

Are you helping Houston? Email Communications to share your story.

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