Champions celebrates one year of AdvancED Corporation Accreditation

For the past year, Champions has delivered high-quality before-and-after school programs to children around the country through the lens of AdvancED Corporation Accreditation. Now, a year after earning the distinction, Champions is proud to celebrate that we’ve met – or even exceeded – all of  the improvement priorities we committed to during our accreditation process. Take a look at the highlights:

  • We put our stake in the ground as a leader in the before-and-after school space: At Champions, we empower children to identify their needs and interests and provide the opportunities they need. Whether those lessons are around science, literacy, or creative expression, we’re here to provide the resources and support children need.
  • We’re committed to being an extension of the learning journey. At Champions we support character development, executive function, creative expression, literacy, inquiry-based learning, and foster a sense of community in our programs.
  • We rolled out a new curriculum and began to measure the impact that has on kids’ success
  • More than half of children enrolled in a Champions program participated in student assessments, allowing us to map their progress – and ours.
  • We introduced two new technology games, and more of our sites than ever are using technology to enhance learning.

The accreditation process doesn’t end with our award. It continues to drive improvements that benefit the children families we serve every day. At Champions, we foster a love of learning by creating engaging experiences for children to unlock their own potential. Stay tuned to Show & Tell for examples of how our AdvancED Corporation Accreditation has an impact on our programs every day.

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