New Employee Support Center!

Meet our new Employee Support Center Specialists! These Specialists are here at the NSC to support you. Ask them anything – from trouble with your time card or how to go on a leave of absence, to how much paid time off you have left. They’re here to answer your questions – or find the answer for yo. No more phone tree nightmares! Just call us and let us help you!

Name: Lindsay McInerny

Passion: I’m passionate about communications — how we can express differences in opinion, offer constructive criticism, and learn about one another. And, I love cats too!

Memory of my favorite teacher: My AP English teacher in my senior year of high school, Mr. Kelso, was genuinely interested in and invested in all of his students. I remember getting a lovely, personalized card from him, recognizing my participation in a school play, which made me feel like a valued member of his classroom.

Name: Amber Fitzgerald

Passion: I’m passionate about my family and seeing them succeed. I’m also passionate about life-long learning. I enjoy having new experiences in life.

My favorite teacher: My favorite teacher was one of my high school teachers. We called her by her first name, Judy. She definitely had a love of teacher and empowering students. She was my favorite because she communicated with all her students on a more personal level. She treated her students as if they were adults, and we were all encouraged to connect with her in the same way. She also gave me a lot of self-confidence that year.

Name: Jennalee Bernard

Passion: I’m passionate about learning through experiences. I believe learning through seeing, hearing, smelling, and touching can be more powerful than learning through reading.

Memory of my favorite teacher: My fourth grade homeroom teacher, Mr. Lafon, inspired our learning by making games out the content of our studies. We played Hot Globe, also known as Hot Potato, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and more. And, if we did well throughout the week, he rewarded us with a popcorn Friday! I really admire those creative educators!

Name: Diana Shukri

Passion: To thrive in HR to make positive impacts on early childhood educators.

Memory of my favorite teacher: I had a professor in college who I took some of my most challenging math courses with. He always encouraged me to do my best and to believe in myself. I kept his words to heart and used them as a motivation to work hard and get through the hardships and obstacles I faced while I was in college.

Name: Alex Talamantes

Passion: Cooking — I’m a foodie!

Memory of my favorite teacher: I want to give kudos to my Spanish teacher in high school, Señora Garcia, for being amazing and fun! In her class, she let us play a game called “Loteria,” which is similar to bingo, but it has the Mexican cartoon illustrations instead of numbers. We got to enjoy learning Mexican culture in a very fun environment!

Name: Tyreca Sylvester

Passion: I am passionate about learning new things, doing my best work and having fun.

Memory of my favorite teacher: My favorite teacher memory comes from Mr. Lowe, my high school choir teacher. He helped me to get over my shyness by sharing my talents with others — I was given my first choir solo in my freshman year, which gave me the confidence to express myself through music. It also helped me to come out of my shell and start making connections with others.

Name: Sarah Nafie

Passion: I have a passion for making the workplace fun, professional and inspiring!

Memory of my favorite teacher: My middle school science teacher used to dress up like a gorilla every Friday and surprise us outside the window of our classroom. You’d think we’d expect it, but we found it funny and scary every Friday! I love those creative educators who make fun and loving environments for their students in their own unique way.

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