Lifelong learner Erica Daniels pursues her PhD

Area Manager Erica Daniels

Every teacher aspires to instill a lifelong love of learning in her students—and Erica Daniels is leading the charge by example. Erica, Champions area manager in Ohio, is pursuing a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction – the second advanced degree she’s earned since starting with Champions more than 11 years ago.

“I am truly a lifelong learner and enjoy challenging myself,” said Erica. “Taking courses pushes me to take part in ongoing scholarly reading and writing, all while engaging in professional learning communities that study current research in the field of education.”

Erica is still discerning what she’ll do once she’s earned her doctoral degree, but knows that whatever she does, her experience with Champions will be invaluable to her success.

“I hope to continue to impact the field of education in various ways using my advanced education and professional experience with KinderCare Education,” she said.

Erica’s pursuit of meaningful learning opportunities is proof of Champions’ commitment to quality leadership as she sets an example for her peers and other educators in the industry. Erica’s continued education exemplifies Champions commitment to retaining the best talent, and sets a precedent for the type of educators we want leading our programs.

Even while balancing school and her full-time job, Erica’s made quite the impact on her Champions region.

“Erica will never settle for mediocrity and her drive for excellence is clear in her hunger for continuous education,” said Ed Harabedian, Champions regional manager. “She has an incredible ability to learn additional strategies, teach new skills, coach individuals and execute initiatives, and has established herself as a true leader on her team and among her colleagues.”

How does she do it? By leaning on her team and having fun every day.

“I get to work with such talented teachers and NSC support partners,” she said. “That’s what really makes my job not only engaging, but fun!”

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