Treat every call like it’s your first: 200 NSC employees take part in Ritz Carlton’s customer service training

Each day, employees at the NSC make invaluable connections with our families and field employees – whether it’s sorting out a payment, finding a new KinderCare center for a family on the move, or helping an employee find their benefits information. These NSC employees are the first line of representation for our brand, and embody our Service Values in all that they do.

Last week, about 200 NSC employees based in Portland who directly serve our families, centers, and employees every day, took part in Ritz-Carleton’s “Customer Service Re-Energized” training. The training was an opportunity for managers and their teams to find ways to improve customer and employee experience across the board in way that’s authentic to KCE.

“This is an investment in our people,” said Sarah Redgrave, VP of Total Rewards. “We often forget about the group of employees who work behind-the-scenes with our families and employees. We hold our teachers to the highest standards, so creating an experience where we hold all teams to that same standard will have a significant impact on the perception of our brand with families and employees.”

The training kicked-off with an introduction from Tom, Wei-Li, and Paul, who recognized the role these teams play in creating an experience unlike any other for families and employees. The training was grounded in four key focuses of customer care: service, attitude, consistency, and teamwork. In addition to learning new skills and best practices, attendees came up with ways they can keep these areas of focus top-of-mind every day.

“I definitely had an a-ha moment,” said Christian Dekmar Accounting Manager. “I learned I don’t work for KCE, I AM KCE! I’ve never thought about it that way before.”

With teams back in the office this week, the real work can begin. Leaders are coming together to ensure a consistent experience across functions, and to celebrate the work their teams are doing.

“The training was motivational and invigorating,” said Sarah Nafie, HR Support Center Specialist, part of our new HR Support team. “I enjoyed leaning into my discomfort, and even shed a few tears of joy. I was so excited at the end when we solidified a plan for making the care of our families and employees our top priority!”

Each day, these teams show up to support one another, their employee peers, and our families. The energy and knowledge gained at last week’s training will be invaluable in keeping those lessons learned alive in the weeks, months, and years to come.

See photos from the experience here.

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