KinderCare Education’s mission shines through at Pride NW’s 2017 Pride Parade

KinderCare Education is proud to have participated for the first time in Pride NW’s 2017 Pride Parade. Last Sunday, nearly 100 employees, friends, and family marched in support and celebration of the local LGBTQ community. KCE wowed the crowd in a ‘57 red Chevy, handed out stickers, and performed a flash mob dance.

“KinderCare spirit showed up BIG time!” said Michelle Mazzulo, region director for the Pacific Northwest. “This was the most fun I’ve ever had at a community event.”

NSC and field employees joined in a choreographed a dance to a remix of Wheels on the Bus and performed it along the parade route. Spectators cheered and danced along. By the end of the parade, employees handed out more than 6,000 stickers to the crowd.

Rashelle Hibbard, manager of teacher preparation, and her son Leo, waved to the crowd from the Chevy, and music played from a truck decked-out in KCE magnets and balloons.

“From my seat in the car I could hear the responses of the crowd as they recognized KinderCare,” said Rashelle. “It felt so good to know that our participation sent a clear message to children and families that they’re welcome and valued in our centers.”

KCE’s connection to the community shined through in comments from the crowd.

“It was great to see so many employees with their friends and family join the KCE Pride parade team,” said Accounting Manager Christian Dekmar. “I could not be more proud to be a part of KCE joining the Pride parade for the first time. I loved hearing from the children in the crowd say ‘I go to KinderCare!’”

KCE is proud to serve children and families from all backgrounds – and to celebrate their communities. Time to start working on next year’s flash mob dance!

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