How KCE’s One Fund helped a family in crisis

Two months after Anthony Vigliotta and his wife, Meredith, welcomed their son Henry into the world last August, they had a sinking feeling that something just wasn’t right. The HRBP and his family quickly sought medical attention.

“I’m the oldest of seven kids, so I’ve been around a lot of babies,” said Anthony.

Anthony and Meredith took Henry to a pediatrician who recommended they see a specialist about the shape of Henry’s head. Oregon Health and Science University in Portland wouldn’t be able to see them until December – months away. When it comes to infants, it’s ideal to perform surgery before they’re six months old. By the time Henry would have seen a specialist at OHSU, he would have been five months old. They needed time on their side, so Anthony and Meredith decided they’d make regular trips to Seattle – 173 miles from home in Portland – to see Henry’s new specialist at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Turns out Henry’s head shape was more than something to keep an eye on. His new specialist quickly diagnosed Henry with craniosynostosis, a condition that affects the growth pattern of an infant’s skull. If the skull isn’t formed properly, the brain won’t develop like it should.

A few visits to the specialist and one surgery later, Henry is happy and healthy, and growing and developing alongside his peers.

“Being a parent is great but kids make you so vulnerable,” said Anthony. “One thing can throw a wrench in the works and change your whole life.”

Though they were relieved to have Henry’s craniosynostosis behind them, Anthony and his family were now faced with medical bills – plus the transportation, housing, and food costs associated with their frequent trips to Seattle. To make matters worse, Anthony’s family was stuck in Seattle for days longer than expected when a record-breaking snow storm hit the city in January.

“You can’t let yourself worry about money when you’re going through something like this, but it hangs over you,” said Anthony. “I was comforted to know that my company and my coworkers had our backs.”

Following Henry’s surgery, Anthony applied for the One Fund, KinderCare Education’s employee relief fund. The One Fund helps KCE employees in need of immediate assistance due to a catastrophic event in their lives. The Fund is supported solely by employees, for employees, and has helped more than 150 members of the KCE family in the last two years alone.

“I’ve been giving to the One Fund since I started here, and after what we’ve been through, I contribute even more,” said Anthony. “Something as small as knowing you’ve got a community behind you makes a huge difference. It’s not just about the money; I felt supported by my coworkers.”

Thanks to the help they received from the One Fund, Anthony and his family could quickly get back to enjoying their lives together unburdened by medical debt.

“Henry’s fine now – he’s no longer a patient, he’s just a normal little boy,” said Anthony.

Anthony says he encourages all employees to consider contributing to the One Fund. Through contributions as small as $1, $5, or $10 per paycheck, you can have a life-changing impact on a member of our KCE family.

“If the whole company gave just $1, there’d be $30,000 to go around,” said Anthony. “The One Fund is how we support our coworker community. And it has a ripple effect on our children and families. Receiving money from the One Fund can help a teacher get out of a challenging situation and back into her classroom for the students.”

Though the One Fund has gone a long way to help employees in need over the last few years, our contribution rate has remained at a flat 3.9 percent. Please consider contributing to the One Fund today to help your peers when they need it most! Learn more about the One Fund here.

Please reach out to the One Fund team with any questions.

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