We’re bringing the Gratitude Game to the NSC!

Whether you’re in the field or at the NSC, you know that living our Service Values is what sets us apart in creating amazing experiences for the children and families we serve. To celebrate those who go above-and-beyond in bringing our Service Values to life, we’re bringing the Gratitude Game to the NSC!

Last summer, the field participated in the Gratitude Game—a way for center directors to recognize those teachers who go the extra mile to make every experience in our centers a great one for children and families. Center directors shared stories of our Service Values in action on Experience Everything, and each month the field and NSC voted for the story of the month.

This year, we want to know how our Service Values are coming to life here at the NSC.

The Gratitude Game is all about recognizing excellence in action. Share your gratitude for a coworker’s actions by submitting a story about how they live our Service Values. If they’re chosen as the story of the month, they’ll be recognized across the company.

Between now and September, head over to Experience Everything to submit a story and cast your vote for our story of the month (we’ll select one winner in June, July, August, and September). Even if you don’t win story of the month, your Service Values in action could earn you fun prizes through our scratch-its—ask your manager for more information.

Teams can play alongside the field with Gratitude Game boards – each board can accommodate 12-15 players. Follow the steps below to play along!

  1. Pick your character: Write your name on the character of your choice
  2. Earn stickers to advance: When someone sees you going above and beyond to bring our Service Values to life, they’ll recognize you, and vice-versa. Each time you’re recognized, you’ll get a sticker for your game piece (each sticker represents a different Service Value). Each time you receive a sticker, you can move one spot on the game board. For every six stickers received, you can move two spaces.
  3. Strive for that sparkle swag: Once your reach the finish line, collect a sparkle swag sticker for your game piece. Once you’ve got your sparkle swag, head back to the starting line and go again. Try to collect all six sparkle swag stickers if you can!

Even if the person you submit a story about isn’t selected as the story of the month, they’ll be entered into a raffle from some fun prizes. We’ll announce raffle winners in Show & Tell and on Yammer.

Stay tuned to Show & Tell for participation updates, reminders to vote, and winner announcements. And be sure to check Experience Everything for Gratitude Game updates, and to vote for a field and NSC story each month!

Need help logging in to Experience Everything? Use your KCE email address and click the prompt to change or reset your password. Questions? Email Experience@kc-education.com

If you have questions about playing the Gratitude Game at the NSC, please contact Alyssa Horton.

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