Site staff’s Service Values in action earn them school district award

Tyritha and Irene were honored as Those Who Excel at an event for the Naperville School District

At Naper Elementary in Naperville, Ill., Tyritha Williams and Irene Villa share a passion for making their Champions program the best it can be. The Site Director and Site Assistant go above and beyond to make connections with families and provide a fun, educational experience for the children in their care. Because of their outstanding work, Tyritha, site director, and Irene, site assistant, were honored with a Those Who Excel Award from the Naperville School District.

“The ladies at Naper Elementary have done an amazing job at one of our newest Champions sites,” said Area Manager Paula Short. “And their quality and care didn’t go unnoticed – I’m so excited and proud of them.”

Several teachers at Naper Elementary nominated Tyritha and Irene for the award. Each year, the Illinois State Board of Education sponsor’s the Naperville School District’s Those Who Excel Awards to honor individuals who have made significant contributions to the state’s elementary schools.

Tyritha joined Champions a little over a year ago and brought Irene on as her Site Assistant. Over the past year, the pair have blossomed into quite the dynamic duo, creating a program for their students that suits their needs.

“Both Tyritha and Irene identify new ways to meet the unique needs and interests of their children and families through one-on-one engagement,” said Paula. “They have several children in their program who don’t speak English as their first language. When a Japanese family joined the program, Tyritha and Irene learned the Japanese alphabet to better assist him.”

Many of the children in their program speak Spanish, so both Tyritha and Irene started teaching Spanish to bring everyone together. When a single father seemed to be struggling with his daughter’s girly-girl interests, Tyritha and Irene offered support to help him connect with his daughter.

Both Tyritha and Irene participate in school-sponsored program like the science fair and talent show to show their support to the children in their Champions program.

“I’m so proud of Tyritha and Irene for delivering excellence in service and providing outstanding programming for their families,” said Karen Henson, Regional Manager.

Last month, Tyritha and Irene were honored at the Those Who Excel award ceremony.

Congratulations Tyritha and Irene!

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