Facilities Techs celebrate our Service Values at first meeting in eight years

For the first time in eight years, all 100 of our facilities technicians from across the country gathered in Las Vegas for a meeting. By the end of the week, Techs made commitments to living our Service Values and received critical technical training on safety and industry best practices.

“The goal was to align technicians to our Service Values and give them an understanding of how they have an impact,” said Mark Warren, VP of Facilities.

Techs spend lots of time at our centers – whether they’re working on a big project or fixing something small, they have a direct impact on the warm and welcoming nature of each of our centers.

Techs had the opportunity to chat with RVPs about how they can best support our centers and heard from Tom, Wei-Li, and Elanna about the impact their work has on our business and the children and families we serve.

“I really enjoyed the open forum with upper-management,” said Gary Chatman, facilities technician in southern California. “It made me understand how we can close the gap between operations and facilities.”

Gary, a facilities tech of 11 years, was thrilled to gather with his peers for the first time in several years. He said it’s the best meeting he’s been to – and a highlight for him, aside from having the opportunity to speak with our executives and regional leaders, was the opportunity to meet techs from all over the country.

“I didn’t realize how many new, young techs we have,” said Gary. “We weren’t in groups with the guys we work with every day, so we got to meet a lot of new people. Everyone was sharing stories and making connections. I hope we’re able to have more meetings like this.”

Mark hopes techs left the meeting with a renewed passion for the work they do every day.

“I asked the Techs to go back to centers and accomplish three primary things,” he said. “First is building great relationships with centers directors to ensure we’re meeting their needs.”

“There was a focus on the Service Values,” said Gary, “We’re all working toward the same goal, the Service Values. Now that we’ve all been together, we’re all on the same page – it gave me some inspiration.”

Mark also asked techs to spend more time in centers to meet these needs, as well as focus on building a culture of safety on the team – keeping children, center staff, and Techs safe is a top priority.

“Overall, I really enjoyed the meeting,” said Gary. “Everyone is excited to put more effort behind our Service Values. It lit a fire under us and motivated us!”

“It was great to have our techs together in one place for the first time in eight years,” said Mark. “I’m confident that the time spent together will have positive outcomes for our techs’ relationships with their centers, and for our centers’ relationships to the families we serve.”

See photos from the meeting here.

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