South Mustang Road KinderCare welcomes their little superhero home

Assistant Director Tina Patterson brought Andrew toy trucks in the hospital – one of his favorite things to play with.

Four-year-old Andrew is a curious, rambunctious member of the South Mustang Road KinderCare family in Yukon, Okla. When Andrew and his family discovered he had a unique case of pediatric cancer, the community rallied around him through his treatments. Last month, Center Director Courtney Walker and her team pulled out all the stops to welcome Andrew back to their center cancer-free!

“As soon as we found out he was coming back, we knew we had to celebrate him,” said Courtney. “He’s our superhero for surviving cancer!”

On Andrew’s first day back, Courtney and Assistant Director Tina Patterson bought him a batman costume and batman cupcakes to share with his classmates.

“We talked to the other kids and told them Andrew’s story – we told them he’d been brave just like a real superhero,” said Courtney. “To this day, the kids call Andrew their superhero – and he beams when they say it.”

Courtney and Tina made sure Andrew and his family felt their support throughout his treatment. Tina visited Andrew in the hospital and brought him gifts from his friends at KinderCare.

“He’s very brave,” said Courtney. “He really is our little superhero.”

Courtney and her team went above and beyond to make Andrew’s first day back at South Mustang Road KinderCare one he’ll always remember.

“We have a lot of caring people here,” said Courtney. “We’re just so glad Andrew’s back.”

2 thoughts on “South Mustang Road KinderCare welcomes their little superhero home

  1. South Mustang Road KinderCare what an awesome way to welcome back the Centers little superhero! Thank you for living the service values and caring for the children in your Center.

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