Teacher’s passion for writing gets her published

Desiree and her grandmother, the person who inspired Desiree’s article and who inspires how Desiree lives her life.

Desiree Toldo always loved writing, whether it was short stories for college classes or the parent newsletter at the Englewood KinderCare in Ohio. Publicly sharing her work wasn’t something she thought of until last year when her sister-in-law introduced her to an editor at a new online magazine, The Missing Piece.

The Missing Piece is a monthly lifestyle magazine. Each story focuses on a central topic. Desiree submitted a piece about forgiveness for the February issue and was incredibly excited to learn that her story was accepted, even if the idea of being a published author hasn’t quite sunk in yet.

“I haven’t felt the impact yet,” she said, explaining that even two months later she’s still adjusting to the idea that people around the world are now reading her writing. “I didn’t realize where my writing would go.”

Desiree’s story touches on some very personal but very relatable topics about forgiveness and loss. As word about her writing got out around her center, coworkers approached her and asked for a link to the story. Still relatively new to the Englewood KinderCare, Desiree is humbled by her colleagues’ support.

She’s also going to continue writing for The Missing Piece. The editor liked her work so much she


asked Desiree to become a regular columnist, with her stories published three times a year.

Desiree knows many families at the Englewood KinderCare rely on their teacher’s ECE expertise, and that’s knowledge she plans to share with The Missing Piece readers in future issues.

“I’m excited to use this platform to talk about early childhood education,” Desiree said. “I have a voice, the ability to reach thousands of readers. I want to write about what I do, what’s important to me and to others. You have a different platform when your words are in print. I think people take you more seriously.”

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