Champions Site Director named local hero

Melanie Buxton accepts her Hero Award from Federal Way Public Schools.

Melanie Buxton, site director at Champions in Federal Way, Wash., is more than a positive influence in the lives of the children she serves every day. Her efforts to go above and beyond to make an impact on her community have earned her a Hero Award, an award given by Federal Way Public Schools in recognition of incredible community service.

Melanie was nominated for her Hero Award by Margot Hightower, principal at Green Gable Elementary School, where Melanie runs her Champions program.

“I nominated Melanie for this award because she has done so much for the learning community,” said Margot. “Our students who start and end the day with her are engaged and learning. She has a passion for kids and for being part of our team. She even tutors in classrooms when she can and reads with children. She’s just a positive force in our building!”

“Melanie is an incredibly caring individual, she’s a giver not only to herself but to the school,” said Gretchen Yeager, director of Quality & Accreditation. “She’s at every school event and goes above and beyond to work with the school on everything. If they need help with something, she’ll do everything she can to provide support.”

Melanie ‘s commitment to building a classroom culture based on her belief in developing the whole child embody the Champions’s genuine value and respect for children. Creating fun learning experiences for children and building a strong community with families and staff at Green Gables show how Champions teachers support educational excellence in line with Champions AdvancED Corporation Accreditation.

“Melanie builds great relationships with families,” said Gretchen. “She initiates meaningful and ongoing communication with parents and makes sure they’re always up to speed on what’s going on in the classroom every day.”

“I’m honored and excited to receive this award,” said Melanie. “I’m proud to be a part of our Champions family.”

The Hero Award is normally given to a company or organization. Melanie’s award is just for her.

Congratulations Melanie!

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