Bufort Boulevard KinderCare helps military family stay connected during deployment

The Bufort KinderCare team literally rallies around their military families. Pictured here is Mollee and her family.
Front row: Emersyn and Alexandria
Second row: CD Tammy Denlinger, Mom & Dad (Mollee and Stephen), teacher Pam Stokes
Third row: AD Sheri Hayes

April is the national Month of the Military Child. KinderCare centers serve more than 5,000 children who have a family member in the U.S. military. This month we’re highlighting stories of centers and teachers who go above and beyond to give back to our military families who give so much to our country.

When Mollee, a military mother, told her center director, Tammy Denlinger, that she was about to leave for deployment, she cried at the thought of parting from her daughters for her tour of duty. Tammy listened and started thinking of how she and her team at the Bufort Boulevard KinderCare center in Huber Heights, Ohio, could support Mollee and her family during her deployment.

Tammy and Assistant Director Sheri gave Mollee and her husband their cell phone numbers so the girls could Facetime their mother during the day while they’re at the center. Even though there will be a big time difference between Huber Heights and Mollee’s deployment location, Tammy and Sheri will make sure Mollee stays connected with her daughters and can be part of their school day no matter where in the world she is.

The center is such a close-knit community that Mollee and her husband added Tammy and Sheri to their oldest daughter’s kindergarten registration paperwork as emergency contacts.

“The school couldn’t believe that we were willing to do that for one of our families,” said Tammy.

Tammy also promised Mollee that she’d make sure her daughters’ hair looked nice for picture day. It’s a little thing, but it’s one more way Tammy and her team can help make life a little easier for Mollee and her family during her deployment.

A week before Mollee left for deployment in March, the Bufort KinderCare team threw Mollee a surprise send-off party.

“As you can imagine, it was very emotional for both her and us,” Tammy said. “I am so happy we did this for them. She won’t forget it. She said KinderCare was part of her family.”

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