Milwaukee KinderCare shares love of books with children half a world away

April is the national Month of the Military Child. KinderCare centers serve more than 5,000 children who have a family member in the U.S. military. This month we’re highlighting stories of centers and teachers who go above and beyond to give back to our military families who give so much to our country.

The South Milwaukee KinderCare Learning Center knows a thing or two about community. When a prekindergarten student’s mother was deployed to a post in Africa, staff knew the coming months would be challenging for their student and for her father.

Although no one knows exactly where Mom is posted (she can’t share her location for security reasons), she did share a little fact about the village she’s stationed near: Children there don’t have enough books to read.

The South Milwaukee team looked around their center at the hundreds of books their students have access to every day and came up with the idea to do a book collection for the children in the African village. On Valentine’s Day the center team put together a care package of personal care items for Mom to send her some “love” from South Milwaukee. They also included the books they collected from their book drive.

A few weeks later the center received a surprise – a thank you note from Mom with a picture of the village children opening their new books:

Please extend a whole-hearted thank you to the KinderCare staff and students who contributed to the care package and book donations. We loved trying the new Girl Scout cookie flavors but the pictures that the kids drew made our day! What an awesome show of support to our team out here. Thank you!

Our children are so blessed to have a community that takes such good care of them. Thank you for helping [my daughter] through the tough part of deployments. I’ve been able to contribute to the effort here and I’m grateful for your support.

“I’m so proud of our South Milwaukee KinderCare,” said District Leader Ann Zogg. “They truly went above and beyond to not only make this parent know her daughter was in good hands while Mom is so far from home, they even helped Mom help the community she’s temporarily living in.”

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