Champions and the case of the mysterious sign

Champions students at Woodlands Elementary in Kitsap, Wash., made the front page of their local newspaper last month as they tried to solve the mystery of the missing sign.

After a heavy snow fall in February, children were exploring the field behind their school when they found a large drive-thru espresso sign abandoned in a snow fort.

Site Director Tina Ricketson decided to use the sign as a lesson about their community. She called the Sheriff’s department to report the missing sign. The Sheriff launched an investigation, but as of today, the origin of the sign remains a mystery.

“We think maybe somebody stole it and brought it here,” said third-grader Cali.

“The children were very proud to do their part,” said Tina. “They learned a lot about how to help others and how law enforcement works with them.”

Tina contacted her local newspaper, The Kitsap Sun, to help get the word out about the missing sign.

“Every time someone loses something, you should try to find who it is,” said second-grader Serenity.

The high-quality teaching practices of Tina and her team allow students to lead their learning and pursue topics that interest them.

These investigative Champions students are hoping the owner of the sign finds them soon. Read more about the mysterious sign’s journey here.

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