Marlboro Champions jump for healthy hearts

Exercise is even more fun when its for a good cause — that’s what the Champions students in Marlboro, N.J. would tell you. Last month, they raised more than $500 for the American Heart Association with their annual Jump Rope for Heart event.

Children set jump rope goals for themselves and parents and community members sponsor their jumping to raise money. All the while, children learn about their hearts and how to keep them healthy!

“This year we invited parents to join in on the jumping, too,” said Thea Pace, Area Manager. “We not only raised money for a good cause, but created awareness around how important it is for children to keep their hearts healthy each day.”

Marlboro Champions’ Jump Rope for Heart event is a perfect example of how Champions programs combine learning and fun to create an afterschool experience children won’t soon forget — all while teaching them important lessons about caring for others, getting involved in their community, and making a positive impact on the world around them!


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