Small Things Matter: KinderCare Education sponsors the grand opening of the Oregon Zoo’s new Education Center

Small things matter. We see small actions amount to big impact every day in our centers – whether it’s a quick face-to-face conversation with a parent or taking the time to help a kid put their coat on to make pickup time that much easier.

That idea – that the small actions we take can add up to make a world of difference – is the guiding principle behind the Oregon Zoo’s new Education Center.

On Thursday, March 2, the Oregon Zoo held a grand opening for their new Education Center, sponsored by KinderCare Education. The goal of the Education Center is to help children of all ages (and any Zoo visitor) to understand nature conservation, and how actions you take in your daily life can have a lasting impact on the health of our environment.

Through engaging, interactive displays, visitors to the Education Center learn how they can take steps to protect wildlife in the own back yards and across the world. Walking through the Education Center’s Nature Exploration Station and Conservation Hall, you’ll learn how nature’s small but mighty heroes—insects—bring habitats together; how local plant life and things found in your own back yard are an entire ecosystem of their own; and that in the end, humans, animals, insects and plants are all connected.

The Education Center also boasts a number of classrooms for early childhood learners and school-age children alike. And for the first time ever, kids can learn about the science of conservation through hands-on activities and experiments in the Zoo’s new learning lab.

Through the month of March, KinderCare Education is sponsoring the Oregon Zoo’s Wildlife Talks, which are free and open to the public. Learn about sea turtle recovery in the Pacific Northwest, butterfly conservation in Oregon, and the recovery of the California condor population.

Learn more about the Oregon Zoo’s Education Center here.

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