Inspiring pair raises money for American Cancer Society

Amelia spent her weekend preparing raffle baskets with her grandmother for her fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. She was so happy to show the baskets to Lori and the center team.

Amidst all of the training and team building at Professional Development Day, one KinderCare center in Greenfield, Wisc., took time to talk about two rock star school-agers trying to make a difference in their community. Amelia and Alivia are working together to raise money for cancer awareness.

“I’ve personally been inspired by Amelia and Alivia,” said Assistant Director Lori Becker. “They came to us wondering if they could get our permission to host a fundraiser in hopes of raising money and awareness for cancer. They planned the entire fundraiser themselves, planning what gifts to give, making a bucket for collecting funds, and [creating] different posters. While in center on a day off from school they even wrote and sent out an email to our families to let them know the plan and dates for the fundraiser.”

For the past few weeks Lori and the rest of the center leadership team put their heads together to think about how they could support the girls in their efforts and encourage families to get involved.

“It is amazing to see the heart, compassion and dedication that both of these girls have,” Lori said. “They definitely are wonderful KinderCare kids [who] are going to grow up to do more great things!”


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