Grumble the Sock Monster helps kids connect to their community

Charmaine Balaoro, Site Director and Field Coach at Champions in Elk Grove, Calif., wanted to get her students involved in their community this winter. She knew they could make a positive impact, and with a little creativity, she turned her sock drive into something interactive and fun. Thanks to Grumble the Sock Monster, Charmaine and her students nearly tripled their sock drive goal. Read more below:

“For the whole month of November and the last week of October, we had a sock drive for our local homeless shelter,

Grumble the Sock Monster encouraged students to donate socks to local homeless people in need.

Loaves and Fishes Sacramento. Did you know that socks are the most needed but least donated article of clothing in homeless shelters? 

Our goal was to collect 50 pairs of socks. To our surprise, we were able to collect 139 pairs of socks! Instead of just putting the socks in a plain box, my husband decided to create Grumble “the sock gatherer” who kept the socks until we were ready to donate them. For every pair of socks a family donated, they got to toss the socks inside Grumble and have their picture taken with him. It was a very interactive way for children to get involved and to get the word out about our drive!

On Monday, December 5, during our afterschool program, a coordinator from Loaves and Fishes came to our site to talk about her program before collecting our donated socks. She was so thankful for the generosity that the families and children displayed. It’s always a great thing to come together and be able to show compassion to people who truly need it.

I am thankful for my husband Norman for coming up with the idea of Grumble to sock monster, and that we were able to help out so many people during the cold winter months.”

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