Preschoolers practice their yoga poses

Ms. Yan teaches yoga to her preschool class at KinderCare Learning Center in Germantown, Md.

In the spirit of the New Year, Center Director Jennifer Fairfield is challenging families at her KinderCare center in Germantown, Md., to make health a priority. Last week, her preschool teacher Ms. Yan led her students in a yoga class.

“They loved it,” said Jennifer. “Parents said some students were practicing at home.”

Children were practicing their sun salutations and warrior poses – a fun way to get some exercise and learn something new. By the end, the kids got quite the workout and couldn’t wait to try yoga again.

“Yoga is a great physical activity that the kids can do in a small space,” said Jennifer. “It was only eight degrees here on Monday, so it was a great activity to do to get some wiggles out indoors.”

And what can children learn from a yoga session? Movement helps children develop strength, balance, and coordination – and can even help build problem-solving skills. When kids are active, they’re exercising their bodies and their memory through repetitive movements. They’ll use these same memory skills when tackling bigger challenges, like learning to tie their shoes.

Jennifer and Yan’s yoga activity was so popular, they’ve started a twice weekly yoga club.

“Parents signed up right away,” said Jennifer. “The children loved the activity and didn’t even realize that they were being active.”

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