De La Salle high school interns get their start at KCE

Most high school students feel lucky to get a job at their neighborhood pizza or coffee shop. While their friends perfect their latte art skills, four students from De La Salle North Catholic High School come to the NSC once a week to support KinderCare Education’s Total Rewards team.

Since 2008, KCE has hosted 20 high school interns in partnership with De La Salle. Each year, KCE takes on four De La Salle interns, each with a mentor from the Total Rewards team. Collectively these interns fill one full-time position on the team – but their work doesn’t end there. Interns help out when they can with Customer Care, Talent Acquisition, and Experience teams.

“The program provides students a wide range of work experience,” said Sheila Needham, Benefits Manager. “The interns bring a fresh prospective and energy to the office, and we feel extraordinarily lucky to work with these great people every day!”

By the end of their four-year internship with KinderCare Education, interns have the equivalent of a full year of work experience to add to their resume. Get to know the 14th floors freshest faces below!

jack-pennickJack Pennick
Mentor: Margaret Orr
Schedule: Tuesdays

Jack is a sophomore at De La Salle who enjoys basketball, football, and hunting. “I’m passionate about being in the outdoors,” he said. When he grows up, Jack wants to be a Game Warden with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Not many people at the office know that Jack has a twin brother – if you saw them, though, you might not be able to tell. Jack’s twin brother, Josh, is 6’4” – nearly a foot taller than Jack. Jack’s older sister, Grace, interned at KCE until she graduated from De La Salle last year. Jack’s healthy sense of humor has come in handy as he’s settled in to his internship, he says. “In my internship I’ve learned to work hard, and that when you are open with people they get to know you easily,” said Jack. “I’ve enjoyed getting to know my coworkers, and now I crack jokes with them. It’s fun.”

tyra-wardTyra Ward
Mentor: Roxanne Rafie-Tari
Schedule: Wednesdays

Tyra, a senior at De La Salle, is in the fourth year of her internship with KCE. She’s interested in creative writing, photo journalism, and social justice. Tyra is looking forward to studying journalism next year in college. In her free time, she enjoys reading and writing poetry. Her favorite poet is Maya Angelou. “My internship has made me more mature, more social, and more confident. People think that I’m quiet when they first meet me, but I’m not!” said Tyra. “I’ve really liked getting to work with people in different departments.”

hanni-rizkHanni Rizk
Mentor: Emily Kilber
Schedule: Thursdays

Hanni started her De La Salle internship at Goodwill and knew that it wasn’t the right environment for her. She wanted to be somewhere more social while still serving an organization that helps people. During her sophomore year, she started at KCE. Now a junior, Hanni is an ambitious student with an interest in naturopathy and medicine. When she’s not at work or school, she enjoys singing in her school and church choirs and this year, she’s a representative on the Student Council. “I really like the atmosphere [at the NSC]. It’s so welcoming and everyone is nice,” said Hanni. “I’ve learned to communicate better with people, and I’ve learned a lot about office etiquette.” Not many people know that Hanni loves musicals – especially Hamilton. “I know all the words – it helps me in history class!” she said.

faiire-platt_editFaiire Platt

Mentor: Lindsey Harrison
Schedule: Fridays

In Faiire’s first year as an intern with KCE, she says she’s already learned new skills. “That’s what I like about this job,” she said. “I like learning things that are useful and important.” Aside from her new-found skills organizing Total Reward statements and sending faxes, Faiire is passionate about music, dance, and foreign cultures. “I love travel. I love the idea of seeing a new place and being culturally enriched,” she said. “When I go to college, I want to study dance and a foreign language, like Japanese or Korean.” In her free time, Faiire is busy learning new dance moves (her favorite styles are modern and hip-hop) and hanging out with friends. “I’ve always liked performing and being in front of people,” she said. “I want to get serious about dance. When I learn a new dance, I feel really accomplished.”

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