New school-age curriculum a hit with Champions students


Leslie Barr, Champions Site Director and Legacy Award winner

According to Champions Site Director (and Legacy Award winner) Leslie Baar, our new school-age curriculum is a real hit with students at her program in Loveland, Ohio. Children enjoy the new activities and daily challenges while staff love the ability to pick and choose activities the most excite their students. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Leslie had to say.

Journals – LOVE ‘em These have become real treasures and ‘prized possessions.’  [The children] can’t wait to get them out to write and draw in. They even share them daily with their parents. [Students] even taken upon themselves to use the last page as a ‘signature’ page: they go around the room and ask everyone (students and teachers) to sign their journal. This is a wonderful way for them to get to know each other as we have a really large group this year and about 40+ new students. 

 We’ve given [journals] to all the students, even those coming as drop-ins or part-time students (and the kindergartners) because they’ve asked “where’s mine?” We must have more than 90 children with journals. I can’t wait to see the improvements the 5-6-year-olds will make by the end of the year!

New activities – fun for all The daily challenges are fun. The older children use our tablets and their Chrome books to look up answers if they’re not sure – another way to use technology. We’ve also started the time capsule project: We’ll open it up the last month of school. The kids are pretty creative in what they want put in. 

 I’m loving the two-week planning and being able to choose from a variety of more kid-friendly activities. It’s been a hectic start for us this year – lots of new kids and families, larger program numbers, and more younger children than before. We’re introducing things slowly so as not to overwhelm the site staff and the kids.

Leslie’s message for everyone who worked on the new curriculum: “I just want you to know how appreciative Loveland is of the time and effort that went into all the pieces of the new curriculum. What a team you all are!”

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