Kids get a taste for the NSC at Work & Play Day

Crystal Miller's son, Ian, had fun spending the day with his mom at the NSC!

Crystal Miller’s son, Ian, had fun spending the day with his mom at the NSC!

With centers closed for Professional Development Day this past Monday, we invited NSC parents to bring their little ones into the office for Work & Play Day! The lines between work and play were certainly blurred as parents attended meetings children in tow.

“Having my son Ian come to work with me was a blast!” said Crystal Miller, Marketing Director. “He spent much of his day creating art for my office walls, checking emails (I wish!) and playing with new friends around the office. I love the opportunity on this day to share what’s so important to me, my son Ian, with everyone here at KCE.”

Ian loved visiting the NSC, and told his mom it was only fair she trade places with him for a day.

“You can go to school for me and I’ll go to your meetings!” he said.

Kids took part in an art project with the Experience team and were served lunch (family style, of course).

See photos from our October Work & Play Day here.

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