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It’s time again to vote for a Service Values Story of the Month! The Gratitude Game is all about celebrating those who go above and beyond in living our Service Values.

Everyone can vote (even you, NSC!). Head over to Experience Everything to cast your vote by September 30. The winning teacher will receive bragging rights and a trip to Portland to visit the NSC!

Will our winner be Miss Kelsey, Miss Ally, or Miss Tyritha?

Read the stories below and then cast your vote here before September 30!

“Kelsey really saved me tonight at pick-up. Sophie had asked me to pick her up first and I completely forgot. Her little face was crestfallen when I arrived with Owen in tow. Kelsey Witnessed what happened and came up with a brilliant solution. She immediately offered to hold Owen so I could leave the classroom and re-enter, pretending to pick up Sophie first. Sophie loved this idea and it went really well. This situation could have derailed our whole night, but Kelsey’s quick thinking and understanding of the situation saved us. Thank you Kelsey. I hope you enjoyed your Owen cuddles too.
Hero: Miss Kelsey
Service Value: I anticipate and quickly resolve parents’ concerns.

“Ally’s presence as a closing teacher makes a strong connection with all parents. Although she may have only been with the children for the last 30 minutes she always shares something special to the parents and greets them warmly introducing herself to new parents. She has formed bonds with many twos parents by helping them get backpacks and sweaters making them feel good about their childs day.”
Hero: Miss Ally
Service Value: An important part of my job is talking with parents about their children.

“Tyritha was concerned that Maddie kept to herself during Summer Camp. Maddie was content drawing in her notebook (even at the pool!). Tyritha recognized Maddie’s creative talents. Maddie was more than willing to talk about her art with Tyritha. The next day, Tyritha brought canvases and paint to Summer Camp. Maddie was thrilled! Maddie drew flowers on the canvases, and Tyritha painted them. Their shared project turned out beautifully! Everyone was impressed. At Tyritha’s prompting, Maddie signed her artwork. Because Tyritha responded so enthusiastically to Maddie’s unique interest, she was able to engage Maddie and make her feel special.’”
Hero: Miss Tyritha
Service Value: I respond to the unique needs of every child.

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