Wedding bells ring at Whippany KinderCare

Whippany Wedding 1

Carolyne and Pete Casey were married at KinderCare in Whippany, N.J. Carolyne has been an infant teacher at the center for four years.

When infant teacher Carolyne Casey (née Smith) got engaged and told her coworkers that she was planning on a small ceremony at the local courthouse, her KinderCare family had other plans. It needed to be special, they said. And so, last week, Carolyne and her then-finance Pete were married at KinderCare in Whippany, N.J., surrounded by friends, family, and center families, too.

“It was a very nice, intimate event,” said Carolyne. “It was sweet.”

Casey’s friend, Gina Corbosiero, twos teacher, was ordained just for the occasion.

“Everyone here had a part in the wedding, even the kids,” said Center Director Michele Taglia. “One of our teachers is an event planner, and she made everything work with a very small budget.”

Children created decorations, and staff members brought in food to share.

“It was awesome, and the kids and my staff put in so much effort,” said Michele. “Carolyne is such a hard worker and we wanted to make it nice for her—we all support each other here.”

Carolyne has been an infant teacher at Whippany KinderCare for four years. She loves seeing the children in her classroom learn things for the first time every day. Her own school-age daughter had a first the day of her mom’s wedding, too—being a maid of honor.

Whippany Wedding 2“All the people I love could come, and that made me very happy,” said Carolyne. “I’ve got a good boss! Michele actually cares about me, and wanted my wedding to be special.”

For Michele, hosting Casey’s wedding was a no-brainer. The center is rated a level 6, meaning they’ve got high employee and family engagement.

“We’re highly engaged here, but this takes it to a whole new level,” she said. “How many people can say they got married at work?”

Newlyweds Carolyne and Pete are keeping their post-wedding life low-key. They’re currently house hunting and working on growing their family.

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