Countdown to Curriculum Night!

Gitta Cardinal's July family engagement night was a huge success!

Gitta Cardinal’s July family engagement night was a huge success!

Planning a great event at your center is easy when your whole team is on board. Gitta Cardinal, Center Director at Lakemont Academy in Bellevue, Wash., leans on her Pre-K teacher Miss Christiana to make monthly family events a success.

“Christiana is an amazing teacher who always goes above and beyond,” said Cardinal. “Having the right person by your side really makes a difference.”

Earlier this month, Cardinal hosted a family picnic at her center with help from Miss Christiana and the rest of her staff. She says the event was so successful, parents didn’t want to leave!

“We had so much fun, and parents said they were happy to be in such a relaxed and fun environment,” said Cardinal. “We can’t wait to host our next event in August, and parents are excited too!”

When center families come together, great things can happen—especially if you invite prospective families. As you prepare for Curriculum Night on August 9, check out these tips to make your event a great success!

  1. Get everyone involved: We all know that parent-teacher interactions are vital to building relationships with families. Coach your teachers to engage families during Curriculum Night using these talking points available on the Back to School website. Encourage teachers to decorate their classroom for the event. Pro tip: Make starting the conversation easier by asking teachers to prepare to share three things they’re proud of in their classroom.
  2. Fun for all: Make sure you plan activities that will be fun for all age groups and classrooms. As you prepare for Curriculum Night, refer to the activity cards that should have arrived at your center earlier this month. When parents come to pick up their children, they’ll have the opportunity to engage with curriculum materials that are age-appropriate for their child and see just how much learning their child does throughout the day!
  3. Knowledge is power: Talk to your peers. All KinderCare, CCLC, and Knowledge Beginnings centers are participating in Curriculum Night. If you’re feeling stuck thinking of a fun way to engage families, ask your CD friends to share best practices with you. Ask them what they’re doing to promote their event in their center and in the community.
  4. Use your Power Hour: Follow up on your inquiries, give those parents in FamilyBuilder a call back and be sure to invite them to your event. While you’re at it, go ahead and put some tour packets together.

If you’d like more resources, tips, or inspiration, visit the Back to School website!

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