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The Gratitude Game is all about celebrating those who go above and beyond in living our Service Values. Center Directors have submitted over 3,800 examples of how center staff do just that to the Experience Everything website since the game launched at this year’s Academy—and now it’s time to vote for the first story of the month winner.

Everyone can vote (even you, NSC!). Head over to Experience Everything to cast your vote. The winning teacher will receive bragging rights and a trip to Portland to visit the NSC! Hurry, voting closes today!

Will our winner be Denise from the USDA Child Development Center in Washington, D.C.; Chelsea from Cascade Park KinderCare in Vancouver, Wash.; or Tanya from East Pennsboro KinderCare in Enola, Pa.? You decide!

Read the stories below and then cast your vote here.

“One of our new moms in the infant room was crying in the hallway after dropping her daughter off for the very first time. Ms. Denise went out to give her a big hug and words of comfort. Mom then left to start her work day. Throughout the morning Ms. Denise took several pictures to share with mom. At noon Ms. Denise took it upon herself to FaceTime her using the center phone. When mom picked up, not knowing whose number it was, the first person she saw on the other end of the phone was her daughter! Ms. Denise shared all of the wonderful things her daughter did so far and let her know what she would be up to for the remainder of the day! When mom picked her daughter up that day, she was greeted with another hug from Ms. Denise and a smiling baby!”
Hero: Denise, USDA Child Development Center
Service Value: I build great relationships with families

“I was going through a tough time with my son. Knowing that I was struggling, Miss Chelsea took the time to really support me. She helped me and let me know about ways I can work with him at home. She reached out to me when I felt no one else would. She connected me with support groups and mom’s groups. I can’t say enough how much of a difference Miss Chelsea makes to my family.” – Submitted by parent.
Hero: Chelsea, Cascade Park KinderCare
Service Value: I respond to the unique needs of every child

“Tanya was about to leave for the day and was standing in the lobby because we had a sudden, powerful, torrential downpour. As she was waiting for the storm to pass, a mom walked by and was heading out of the lobby with her infant in a carrier and a 2 year old by her side. Tanya jumped up and helped the mom with the older child so she wouldn’t have to get double soaked while getting two kids in the car. Before Tanya had a chance to get inside or get dry, another mom with two children walked into the lobby and Tanya did it again!”
Hero: Tanya, East Pennsboro KinderCare
Service Value: My team works together to make our center warm and welcoming

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