Champions kids rock out to their parents’ favorite songs

dugan performers

Children from the Dugan Elementary Champions program perform

Earlier this summer, Champions programs in Marlboro Township, N.J., presented their very first musical showcase “Music My Parents Like (and some music I like too)” at the Marlboro Recreation Center.

Champions children from three different elementary schools studied their parents’ favorite songs and artists, and worked with local high school students and a retired theater teacher to learn how to sing the song and choreograph a dance to go with it. The children enjoyed performing their parents’ favorite music so much, they requested their volunteers help choreograph dances to some of their favorite “modern” songs as well.

“The children really got a kick out of listening to music from ‘the olden days,’” said Area Manager Thea Pace. “The showcase was certainly a memorable moment for all involved—and a true testament to the team’s commitment to engaging our Marlboro K-8 families!”

The children performed songs like “It’s Still Rock n’ Roll to Me” by Billy Joel, and “I’ve Got A Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas.

Check out a video of the performances. Password: Champions.

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