KinderCare artists on display at DuPage Children’s Museum


Children worked with museum volunteers to create mixed-media masterpieces

When the children at KinderCare in Addison, Ill., visited the DuPage Children’s Museum on a field trip earlier this year, they had no idea that in a few months, their very own art would be on display in the museum.

The exhibit “Think. Explore. Create. Math Masterpieces” captures children’s creative process and highlights the importance of process art in early childhood education. To prepare for their gallery debut, the museum sent two artists to the Addison center to help children come up with ideas for their mixed-media projects.

“The two ladies from the museum who visited our center to create art with our children praised our program, and were impressed with the fine art component of our pre-K curriculum,” said Center Director Susan Barrons.

Children studied art by Jackson Pollock, Seurat, and Ringgold before creating their own masterpieces made from tempura paint, construction paper, Q-Tips, and cardboard boxes.

Once the artists had finished their masterpieces, the museum held a ribbon cutting for the gallery opening and invited all KinderCare families to attend.

“One of the museum’s goals is to help low income families be able to experience the museum,” said Barrons. “Many of our families were able to visit the museum for the first time thanks to the gallery opening.”

The gallery opening was a great success, and Barrons says the museum is looking into partnering with other KinderCare centers in the area for future exhibits.

“The kids couldn’t stop smiling,” said Barrons. “And the parents were so thankful for this opportunity to see their children’s masterpieces!”

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