KinderCare Education mission holds special meaning for this EA

Just another day at the office for Jason Mathews.

Just another day at the office for Jason Mathews.

During his 17-year career, Jason Mathews has worked in a wide variety of roles, including compliance trainer and financial analyst at Nike and executive assistant here at KinderCare Education.

But of all the positions he’s held throughout his career, he likes the EA role the best.

“Every day is different,” he said. “I like the variety. I like helping people.”

Mathews is well-known throughout the legal department, which he supports, and throughout the company for his friendly demeanor and willingness to help his colleagues with anything and everything.

“Jason is such an incredible partner for the whole legal department,” said Liz Large, KinderCare Education’s former Chief Counsel. Jason supported Liz for five years. “Very soon after he started he became the sun for the whole legal department universe. He builds great relationships throughout the company, and he’s so connected. He really embodies the culture we want.”

Jason Mathews and his family.

Jason Mathews and his family.

Mathews is also well-known for several other unique traits, including his love of post-it notes (“He can fit more on a post-it than anyone I know!” Large said) his wide variety of sports team apparel, and his sense of humor.

“I use humor as a stress release,” Mathews said. “People think I’m crazy because I’m always laughing. But people can get so caught up in things sometimes that it helps to laugh. It’s good for the soul.”

Outside the office, Mathews loves to play golf – in fact, he used to coach a high school girls’ golf team for many years – and spend time with his wife, son Anderson, who is 8, and daughter Kennadee, who is 6.



Kennadee, who has Down Syndrome, attends a local KinderCare center, where she is thriving. Her prekindergarten classmates are learning social skills from her, Mathews said, like quieting down when Kennadee covers her ears. Her classmates are learning that it’s too loud for her.

“They understand that she’s different, but they don’t treat her any differently,” he said.

Because he’s a KinderCare parent, working here holds special meaning for Jason.

“I like the thought of working for a company that improves childrens’ lives. It’s a solid mission, and I feel good about it.”

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