Meet Theresa Murr: Subsidy’s super supporter

Theresa 1 sbucksHelping others comes naturally to Theresa Murr, Subsidy’s administrative assistant. That’s why, after a long career in the electronics manufacturing industry, the job listing for her current role caught Murr’s eye. Once she met her manager, Louise Strong, it was a done deal.

“I interviewed with Louise and have been with her since,” Murr said. “I love, love Louise and have enjoyed staying with her. It was a great move for me. This is a great company.”

The youngest child of seven, Murr said that she’s always had a tendency to take care of those around her – a great quality to have, as she spends much of her time setting up new Subsidy employees.

“It’s involved but it’s exciting,” she said. “It means we have growth and the team gets excited. We have coordinators in our centers in the field and, when I help them, I feel like I’m there and there’s a connection made. I feel my job is important in setting them up for success.”

Theresa and her family.

Theresa and her family.

Her manager, Senior Director of Subsidy Louise Strong, sings Murr’s praises; “Theresa truly does it all! She can be found supporting meetings, booking travel, creating Excel spreadsheets, sending reports, fixing the copier, cleaning the fridge (her least favorite job!), or doing any number of other things. But, no matter what she is doing, she has a smile on her face and is happy to help.”

Now going on her sixth year at KinderCare Education, Murr loves that every day at work is different.

“I love the variety,” she said. “I have opportunities to work on many things – most of it is helping people solve their problems, or working in Excel. I’m kind of geeky when it comes to Excel (she said with a big smile). Being here has offered me some new skills on that front. Every time there’s a new opportunity I’m excited about it!”

“The support that Theresa provides to the subsidy team is amazing,” said Strong. “She understands the impact our team has on centers and families and that every minute counts when a team member needs something. She has built strong relationships throughout the organization, creating a network that helps her get things done quickly!”

Theresa Murr and her granddaughter.

Theresa and her granddaughter.

Murr is inspired by the mission and loves making connections with people across the company.

“What I really love about working here is seeing photos of children,” she said. “It’s hard not to be engaged. Even the piece of paper on my desk means something for that child, the parents, and the center. Everything I do connects me to our shared goal. The company does a great job of reminding us why we are here – even if I’m not directly involved with children or parents, I still feel like I am.”

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