Learners for life

Teachers like Veronica Brenes know learning never stops, no matter how old you are.

Teachers like Veronica Brenes know adulthood doesn’t mean an end to education and learning.

“As the nation’s leader in early childhood education, we want to ensure that we’re providing our teachers and staff with ongoing opportunities to learn and grow,” said Vice President of Total Rewards Sarah Redgrave. “Our commitment to professional development, paired with our curriculum, distinguishes us from our competitors and makes KinderCare Education a great place to start and nurture a career in education. I am proud of the series of opportunities we offer our teachers and staff to continue developing as educators and professionals in their field.”

Here’s how KinderCare Education teachers can take advantage of the company’s education benefits:

Start a career.  Teachers can early their Child Development Associate credential online with Rasmussen College.
Biggest benefit: KinderCare Education covers tuition! If a teacher is employed full-time when he or she completes the program and passes all of his or her classes, there are no out-of-pocket expenses. Not a cent!

Build talent. Pursue a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in child development or early childhood education free of charge with T.E.A.C.H. (They also cover 90 percent of the cost of books!) This program is currently available in North Carolina, Nevada, Ohio, Minnesota, and Florida, but will hopefully expand to other states.
Biggest benefit: Earning a degree can turn a fresh-faced teacher into a confident professional, enliven an experienced teacher with new ideas, and open the door to opportunities.

Explore passions. KinderCare Education’s Education Assistance Plan offers tuition reimbursement for any course taken for college credit.
Biggest benefit: Courses don’t have to be career-related. Employees can use the benefit to pursue their professional path or renew their love of learning. Italian lessons, anyone?

What happens when a teacher becomes a student?
We talked to some of our best and brightest educators to find out. These three Educator Award winners used the education benefit to pursue their dreams and career goals.

Joy Kuhn
Pre-k teacher and 2014 Educator Award winner
Northwood KinderCare
Colorado Springs, Colo.
Kuhn earned a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education administration. Her courses gave her a deeper understanding of how children learn and the confidence to teach to the development level of each student. “This keeps the curriculum engaging for me as a teacher and for my students,” Kuhn said. She also thinks her degree has helped her build a rapport with parents. “They see that we have a degree just like they do. We’re a real partner in their child’s development.

Ari Dacquel
Kindergarten teacher and 2015 Educator Award winner
Lacey KinderCare
Lacey, Wash.
Dacquel loved learning in a classroom alongside other educators as she worked toward her master’s degree in education. From a two-day practicum with a special education teacher who opened her eyes to inclusive practices, to cheering on her comrades’ professional successes, Dacquel found a great group that supports her teaching goals. “I met all kinds of teachers, and I learned what it takes to be a really great one,” she said.

Veronica Brenes
Preschool teacher and 2014 Educator Award winner
CCLC UPC Child Development Center at USC
Los Angeles, Calif.
For Brenes, who will complete her bachelor’s degree in human development with a minor in early childhood education in May 2016, college courses are a constant source of inspiration. It doesn’t hurt that her 5-year-old daughter is soaking up a great lesson about the value of education. “I’ll be doing my homework, and she’s sitting right next to me, doing hers,” Brenes said. “I’m really excited because she’s going to see me graduate.”

Inspired? Get your schooling started by going to KUbenefits.com and clicking on the Education & Achievement tab.

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