Champions program adopts Army platoon

20160209_123430Although April is the Month of the Military Child, several Champions programs in central California honored servicemen and women earlier this year. In February, all 11 programs in Rancho Cordova, Elk Grove, and Galt, signed up with the AdoptaPlatoon campaign.

AdoptaPlatoon is a nonprofit dedicated to boosting the morale of deployed U.S. servicemen and women through sending cards, letters, and care packages.

In February Champions students and staff created more than 800 Valentine cards for members of their Army platoon. Although security prevents Champions from learning where their adopted platoon is stationed, they did recently hear from an AdoptaPlatoon coordinator letting them know their cards were happily received.

“It really put smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts,” the message said.

The project was part of the programs’ community engagement project.

“The team decided that for the first quarter of the year they wanted to participate in the AdoptaPlatoon program to show our love and appreciation for all that our military do for our country,” said Senior Area Manager Amy Harmon, who explained that there are several military families in her area’s Champions programs.

20160209_123435The children enjoyed making the cards and learned a few big lessons along the way.

“They learned about selfless giving and appreciation without [receiving] anything in return,” she said.

Harmon and her team are eager to plan additional community engagement projects for the 2016-2017 school year and plan to continue their support for U.S. troops, both stateside and abroad.

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