In times of change, EA remains constant source of support

When she's not working, Johnston enjoys traveling the world.

When she’s not working, Johnston enjoys traveling the world.

In her four years at KinderCare Education, Sr. Executive Assistant Jeanne Johnston has learned to go with the flow. Johnston supports Vice President of Tax & Risk, David Benedict, and CFO Paul Thompson—her fourth CFO in four years.

“Jeanne does a great job of supporting us,” said Benedict. “She is not afraid to speak up, and provides valuable perspective. Historically, she’s kept me in line; I miss having her stationed on the 15th floor!”

Johnston’s job keeps her on her toes (just the way she likes it), and if she ever feels stuck, her network of fellow EAs is there to help.

“We work together all the time—it may look like we operate independently, but we’re in constant communication,” she said. “We work in tandem, and give each other heads’ up about travel schedules and stuff like that. It’s hard to keep it all straight for so many people.”

But Johnston is used to juggling schedules and being flexible. When she’s not at work, she loves to travel. She’s been to Italy, Israel, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and more. Her next trip is to France.

“When you travel, nothing is etched in stone—you have to just roll with it,” she said. “I usually plan the cities I’ll visit, but do activities on the fly. That’s the way traveling is supposed to be.”

Out of all the places she’s visited, Johnston says her favorite is London.

“It’s old, it’s exciting, and there’s no language barrier,” she said. “All the places I’ve been are so different, though, it’s hard to choose just one as my favorite.”

Johnston keeps busy when she’s not abroad, too. She’s an avid gardener, and dabbles in DIY projects like decorating and painting around her house.

With so many interests and hobbies, it’s not surprise Johnston makes a stellar EA.

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