Activity Ideas: Celebrating the Week of the Young Child

WOYC21498812728_1f4364d623_zEach year KinderCare Education centers join the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) in celebrating the Week of the Young Child, an entire week devoted to acknowledging the needs of young children and their families and recognizing the early childhood programs that serve the nation’s youngest learners.

Music Monday
Early exposure to music helps children think, reason, create, and express themselves. Music also helps children learn math, language, and literacy skills in a fun, engaging way. On Music Monday, you might dance to your favorite children’s song or play instruments the children create using recycled materials or objects found around the center.

Healthy Tuesday
Helping children develop healthy habits can be easy with fun fitness and cooking activities. Get some fun movement going in the classroom by making a “gym” using cardboard dumb bells, hula hoops, and balls. Lay your workout equipment out on the floor, crank up some tunes, and watch children get excited about exercise. Use a cooking lesson as a way to introduce new vocabulary and reinforce math concepts like counting and adding. Learn more about creating a classroom gym on the KinderCare blog.

Work together Wednesday
Encourage children to use their imaginations to build something together out of whatever materials are handy. Why not build sculptures from unique materials and share the creations with the entire center? Not only will children create a sculpture, but they’ll also build their math, science, and social skills.

Artsy Thursday
Children enjoy expressing themselves creatively, and art provides young children with an opportunity to use their imaginations, build their fine motor skills, and create something amazing all by themselves. You might have the children explore with a variety of media and showcase their creations as part of Friday’s event.

Family Friday
Friday is all about engaging with children’s families and tying the whole week together. Consider hosting a center gathering at pick-up time. Display photos of activities that occurred during the week, share anecdotes about the children’s experiences, or gather the children together for a performance in front of their favorite audience.

For more activity ideas for each of these days, visit the NAEYC website. NAEYC also has more information about the Week of the Young Child on their site.

Be sure to share activities and photos from your center’s Week of the Young Child celebration on Yammer with the hashtag #woyc16.

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