Where in the world is Amy Raupp?

Amy everest

Raupp trekked Mt. Everest for three weeks.

From Mexico, to Burning Man, to the peaks of Mt. Everest in Nepal, Executive Assistant Amy Raupp has been around the world. She’s passionate about travel, but keeps the Business Development, Real Estate, Client Relations, and New Business Operations teams grounded.

“Amy has a keen sense of the morale and emotions of the New Business Ops team and is able to proactively advise and independently plan fun activities to break us away from work and refresh our minds,” said Sr. Director of New Business Kevin McAdams. “She’s well-ingrained in our strategy and helps improve our efficiency.”

Every day is a busy one for Raupp (who supports 62 people across four departments)—but with every challenge comes something new to learn.

“I get to know so much about so many things,” said Raupp. “I’ve picked up plenty of IT skills, how to work with people, and how to keep people happy.”

“Amy is a consummate proponent of engagement across our teams,” said Vice President of Portfolio Management and New Business Operations Jeff Slater. “She helps schedule all on-boarding activities with leadership and teams, and stays close to new team members to ensure that their experience is as positive as it can be.”

To help her teams feel engaged and connected, Raupp splits her time between two floors.

Amy family

Raupp and her family recently went on a trip to Disneyland.

“Amy is the glue that holds the KCE Business Development group together,” said Senior Vice President of Business Development Mark Schmitz. “She’s always welcoming with a smile and a positive optimistic attitude about everything. She has a unique way of keeping me on target and ensuring we are successful with our valued client partners. She’s critical to our success!”

All of Raupp’s hard work pays off when she has the opportunity to travel.

“I work to pay for my travel habit,” she said.

Most recently, Raupp and her family ventured to Disneyland, but through the years, Raupp has been around the world. Five years ago, she climbed 20,000 feet up Mt. Everest.

“It was a three-week excursion: It was amazingly beautiful,” said Raupp. “I went by myself but trekked with a group from all over the world.”

Amy husband

Raupp and her husband.

One of Raupp’s favorite places to visit is the annual Burning Man festival in a desert outside of Reno, Nev., every two years. Burning Man is famous for showcasing art, music, and community—which is exactly what keeps Raupp coming back.

“I have my Burning Man friends, and we always camp together,” she said. “It’s an amazing place. It goes from mellow to crazy during the week; it’s huge.”

Raupp also loves to travel to a city she once called home—San Francisco, Calif.

After moving back to the Portland, Ore. area to marry her childhood sweetheart, Raupp joined KinderCare Education in her current role. No matter where Raupp travels, she makes sure the teams she supports are right where they need to be.

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