Quality and Education’s shining star: Erin DeMont


DeMont and her daughter Zoe.

All the world’s a stage for Erin DeMont. Before joining KinderCare Education in 2012, DeMont was an actor in Portland’s theater scene—a passion that, curiously, lent itself to her success at KinderCare Education as an executive assistant.

“Erin is crazy talented to manage the lives of two vice presidents as well as two teams with several remote team members,” said Linda Nelson, manager of Quality Systems. “She’s a machine! I’m in awe of her on a daily basis.”

DeMont says she never has a typical day—supporting the Education and Quality & Accreditation teams means quite a few curveballs are thrown her way. Whether she’s scheduling meetings, booking travel, fielding IT concerns, or just answering questions from inside and outside her department, DeMont is known on her team for taking everything in stride.

“I love the variety,” she said. “There’s something to be said for not knowing exactly how my day is going to go when I walk into the office.”

And her team has rave reviews of the support she offers every day.

“Erin is an over-the-top EA and a valued member of the Education Department at the NSC,” said Meg Davis, manager

DeMont and her family on a hike.

DeMont and her family on a hike.

of Curriculum Development. “Not only is she knowledgeable and efficient and helpful and agreeable and supportive and organized and responsive and all the things you would expect, but she’s also fun and funny and positive and creative and generous and understanding and caring. We are so grateful for everything Erin does for the department and for each of us every day.”

But before she became the outstanding EA she is today, DeMont dabbled in her first passion—acting.

“I have a degree in theater and was a professional actor in Portland in my early 20s,” said DeMont. “I mostly worked with small theater companies.  I recognize a lot of the local actors you see on Grimm and Portlandia from my theater days.”

These days, DeMont’s schedule is dominated by something other than rehearsals and curtain calls—her daughter Zoe is just over a year old.

“When I’m not working, I’m mostly taking care of Zoe,” she said. “She’s one now, so she walks and requires close attention!”

DeMont's daughter Zoe on her first birthday.

DeMont’s daughter Zoe on her first birthday.

DeMont is grateful for the knowledge she’s gained from the Education and Quality departments about raising a child.

“I see her go through milestones and know what it means in terms of her development,” she said. “I’ve learned what makes an early learning program high quality, what educators think about, and the best part is, if I ever have a question about Zoe, there are experts all around me.”

Though she isn’t acting professionally now, DeMont says she might go back someday. For now, she’s a busy mom and EA whose teams gladly give her a standing ovation.

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