Quality Achievement Award Winner Kim Kasperski’s focus on fun

Champions Quality Achievement Award Winner Kim Kasperski

Champions Quality Achievement Award Winner Kim Kasperski

Each year, Champions honors site directors who go above and beyond in creating a high quality before-and-after school environment. Quality Achievement Award Winner Kim Kasperski, who leads the Champions program at Hillcrest Elementary in Downers Grove, Ill., takes pride in bringing the company’s service values to life every day with her students.

“Kim [serves] her children and leads her program with true heart,” said Area Manager Paula Short. “She truly reflects the service values as she models the right relationship with children to ensure she is able to meet the unique needs of each child.”

Kasperski’s open-minded approach and focus on inclusivity set her apart.

ONE: What do you like most about your job?
Kasperski: I love my job because I provide children with a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment. I love being able to have an impact on my students and their overall well-being.

ONE: What service value resonates the most with you and why?
KK: I meet the unique needs of each child in my classroom. I’ve taken it upon myself to reach out to the families with children that have a harder time in class to make them feel welcome in the program. I work with children’s IEP [Individualized Education Program] goals set by the school, and make my program an accommodating place for children of all abilities to learn and play together.

ONE: As an award winner, what advice do you have for your colleagues?
KK: Have fun with the children. Children feed off of your energy. If you’re having fun, they will too!

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