At The Grove School, enrichment brings learning to life

The Grove School in Cary, N.C,. uses KinderCare Education’s curriculum to help children learn about the world around them, and takes that learning to the next level with enrichments for every age group. Teacher Jovana Nunez curates Grove’s enrichment room to be a fun, structured learning environment that showcases all of the creative work Grove’s students produce.

“I try to make the room as inviting as possible so when the kids come in they’re excited to learn,” she said. “They love it so much, it’s hard to stop them from coming in and playing with everything!”

Nunez makes the room as child-centric as possible; the walls are covered in art from Grove students, and classes work together to hang up new enrichments.

“I want them to feel proud of what they’ve done,” said Nunez.

The enrichment room features a globe constructed of children’s artwork, cereal box puppets, cardboard instruments, and a “grove” made out of fabric. Take a look at Nunez’s creative enrichments:


After reading about different types of dinosaurs, Grove’s Pre-K classroom constructed this large brachiosaurus (the friendliest dinosaur!) out of paper shopping bags.


Nunez, who moved to the United States from Honduras over fifteen years ago, emphasizes bilingual learning in her classroom. Many projects and displays are printed in both English and Spanish to help children learn a second language. “Visual learning is ideal for teaching a second language” she said.


Nunez uses children’s art to illustrate different curriculum themes, like this family portrait for the Home & Family unit.


Nunez’s creativity makes the enrichment room somewhere all children at the Grove can’t wait to be: these shelves are made of recycled crates, and are perfect for storing supplies or showcasing student artwork.

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