Total Rewards statements shows KinderCare Education employees whole picture

sections“Children flourish and society thrives when early childhood educators are valued professionals”. That’s the vision that Sarah Redgrave, Vice President of Total Rewards for KinderCare Education, and her team focus on 365 days a year – offering a unique and comprehensive Total Rewards package to better support KinderCare and its education professionals.

“We recognize the incredible contributions our employees make every day – to the company, to their coworkers, and to the children and families they serve,” she said. “We call our benefits program ‘Total Rewards’ because we see it as more than a paycheck or a benefit. We’re constantly striving to improve our employees’ experience.”

To that end, the company sends out Total Rewards statements to every employee in August. These highly personalized six-page brochures show each employee the full value of the investment KinderCare Education makes in its people in five key areas: pay and savings; life; education and achievement; wellbeing; and culture and workplace.

“Because these were highly personalized, when an employee reads through these, they see the benefits they can actually take advantage of,” said Redgrave. “We took it way beyond pay and medical benefits. These statements cover education benefits, tuition discount at our centers, our proprietary and industry-leading curriculum, professional development, the social investment we make in the education community, other external discounts available only to our employees, and so much more.”

Not only does the brochure give each employee an individualized account of their benefits, it also shows what the company contributes. For example, the “Life” section lists the total amount the company pays for all employees’ children in KinderCare Education centers and sites, and – if the individual employee sends their child to one of the company’s centers or programs – lists how much the company paid specifically for that employee’s child.

“Our goal was to provide employees with the bigger picture: to go beyond pay, and help employees see that they can take advantage of one of the most comprehensive rewards packages in the industry,” said Redgrave.

The Total Rewards statement is just one way KinderCare Education highlights its commitment to employees. Stay tuned for more stories about employee benefits and rewards in future issues.


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