Helping babies discover the wonders of the world

Janet and her infant students.

Janet and her infant students.

“I love seeing the pride of accomplishment on babies’ faces,” said Janet Simons, infant teacher at the Shoreview KinderCare in Shoreview, Minn. “When I look out at my class, I instantly feel happy.”

Simons found out that she was a 2015 Knowledge Universe Early Childhood Educator Award winner on October 8, a date that was especially sweet. It was the very day of her 25-year anniversary at Shoreview KinderCare.

That depth of experience makes her a bona fide expert in the development and care of infants. Whether the children are exploring the magic of pumpkins or discovering their hands for the very first time, Simons knows these seemingly small moments are really big ones.

“Through a baby’s eyes, these are first discoveries about the world around them,” she said.

She especially loves sharing that sense of wonder with parents, all of whom gush about Simons’ gift with and dedication to infants.

“My child would not be the same without her care, teaching skills, influence, experience, judgement, creativity, and upbeat personality,” wrote one parent. “It’s difficult to put into words the difference one person can make, but she’s made it.”

See the moment when Simons learned she was a 2015 Educator Award winner in the video below.

One thought on “Helping babies discover the wonders of the world

  1. I am so excited for Miss Janet!! She was an infant teacher for both my children, Sam and Lucy! She was also my co-teacher and mentor when I first started working for KinderCare. I have now worked with the company for almost 13 years and still think about Miss Janet frequently!! She is always positive and makes sure her classroom is safe and nurturing at all time. She is passionate about being a teacher and is part of the reason I still work for KinderCare today. She made my first year with KinderCare a positive experience and showed me how being passionate and showing it makes a huge difference. Congratulations Miss Janet!!

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