Activity idea: “Snow-dough”

Capture-300x173Encouraging toddlers to explore new textures expands their interest in their environment, and this mixture of flour and oil provides an easy way to poke, prod, roll, and pound out a new material. The “snow-dough” looks like fluffy white powder but sticks together when pressed into “snowballs” — making it a perfect afternoon activity.


  • 8 cups of flour
  • Measuring cups
  • Large mixing bowl
  • 1 cup vegetable oil
  • Mixing spoon
  • Playdough tools such as rolling pins and cookie cutters
  • Sensory table or tub


  • Measure the flour into the mixing bowl and add the oil. Mix it well until it forms a dough made up of clumps and loose flour. Children can help with both of these steps. The dough will stick together when squeezed or pressed, but will still crumble fairly easily in your hands.
  • Invite children to play with the snow-dough. Children can explore what happens when the dough is formed into a ball, rolled with a rolling pin, pressed against a table, or cut with cookie cutters.
  • As children explore, ask them open-ended questions about how the dough feels and what happens when it is squeezed, flattened, or pressed through their fingers.

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