Food Subsidy runs in the family

Josh Rhoades and Gayle Lay have turn work into a family affair.

To Josh Rhoades and Gayle Lay, work is a family affair.

Every day is Take Your Child to Work Day for Gayle Lay and her son, Josh Rhoades. Lay and Rhoades work together on the Food Subsidy team, ensuring all children in Knowledge Universe centers are able to eat throughout the day. Rhoades, the newest addition to the Food Subsidy team, commutes with his mom to and from the National Support Center in Portland, Ore., every day.

“We love working together,” said Lay.

Not only do the mother and son work together, they’re roommates too.

“I’m grateful that I get to work with my mom,” said Rhoades.

KU isn’t the first company Lay and Rhoades have worked at together. This time around though, both Lay and Rhoades can see the impact their work at KU has on children around the country.

“At the end of the day, what we do really matters,” said Rhoades. “It’s not just a pay check—we really make a difference in the lives of children.”

“It matters that a child is eating because of me,” said Lay. “I feel like I’m contributing to something bigger.”

Group 5 - Jose

Lay, who regularly dresses up as a carrot when The Welcome comes to town, was excited to have Rhoades join her as a pepper in November.

In their spare time, Lay and Rhoades are avid readers and skilled Texas Hold ‘Em Players—but they don’t do everything together. Rhoades likes to spend his weekends playing Magic the Gathering and working on his novel.

And though they sit right next to each other on the ninth floor, they aren’t sick of each other yet.

“He works on a new pilot program, and he definitely wants to do his own thing,” said Lay.

“But I definitely ride the coattails of her coolness,” said Rhoades.


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