How to be a Yammer pro

Yammer is the best way to connect with KU coworkers across the country—in centers and at the NSC alike—and share all of the great things that happen around the company every day. Whether it’s sharing how the service values come to life in the infant classroom in Oklahoma, reaching out for answers to tough questions in Florida, or simply sharing good news in Oregon, Yammer is a fun place to share, read, and connect with coworkers across all three brands.

For all of the fun that comes with Yammer, the website can get confusing, or even frustrating. For the best Yammer experience, look to these simple best practices to get you through:

  1. Find your community. Hundreds of Knowledge Universe employees across all brands log in to Yammer every day and post for all to see. However, posts make the most impact when you tailor them to a specific peer group. Once you join Yammer, do a simple search for groups that match your region, district, or interest, and post accordingly.
  2. Take the lead. Do you need help promoting your engagement surveys? Have a question about curriculum? Don’t be afraid to start the conversation. Tag the parties or people who may be able to help you. Chances are, other Yammer users are struggling with the same thing.
  3. Be a thought leader. As you’re scrolling through your daily news and social media, share links to things you think are important in the ECE industry today.
  4. Celebrate your wins. Sharing best practices and tips for other center directors is imperative to the Yammer experience. There’s nothing wrong with setting a good example, and sharing what’s working helps employees at the NSC know they’re supporting the field the best they can, and gives field leaders inspiration that could lead to their own successes.
  5. Get your peers involved. The bigger the Yammer network, the more employees can share and learn from one another. CDs new to the district (or who simply haven’t signed up for Yammer yet) need an invitation to the party. Help them get set up! And if they have questions, feel free to contact KUCommunications.
  6. Have fun. Serious questions and problem-solving posts are great, but Yammer is all about employee engagement. Photos from your center and well-wishes make the day brighter. Share away!

Feeling stuck? Check out Yammer 101 for helpful tips.

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