Seven incredible teachers: 2015 Educator Award Winners

This year’s Knowledge Universe Early Childhood Educator Award winners create the kinds of classrooms every parents wants their child to be a part of. Step inside their classrooms and you’ll feel it: the unmistakable energy of young children who are over-the-moon excited about learning.

“All of these teachers bring their own personal passion to the classroom,” said Vice President of Quality and Accreditation Kathie Boe. “This award celebrates that passion, as well as their expertise and dedication to providing high-quality educational experiences to all children.”

Since 2008, the awards have recognized KU’s very best educators – all are masterful teachers, certainly, but they also have an extraordinary ability to connect with children and families.

Chosen through an extensive review process, this year’s seven winners are true role models for both KU and the larger early childhood education community. As a reward for their achievements, they each received $10,000 and this month are headed to the National Association for the Education of Young Children conference in Orlando, Fla., where they’ll be the stars of a session called “Raising the Bar of Educational Excellence: A Panel Discussion with the Nation’s Best Early Educators,” moderated by Dr. Elanna Yalow, CEO of KU Early Learning Programs.

We’ll showcase each of these winners in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, click on the video below to learn more about this one-of-a-kind award.

One thought on “Seven incredible teachers: 2015 Educator Award Winners

  1. Congratulations to 7 awesome teachers!!! You make us all very proud of what we all do!!! Thank you for your dedication & talent!!!

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