Activity idea: Make a family “quilt”

QuiltWith Thanksgiving just around the corner, thoughts turn to family. Here’s a fun art project from the KinderCare blog that combines paper crafts, kinsfolk, personality, and imagination to create a no-sew quilt. In the end parents and children will have a piece of art that celebrates their unique family.


  • White butcher paper or another large, neutral-hue piece of paper, poster board, or cardboard
  • Washi tape or other color tape
  • Items for decorating: stickers, puff balls, ribbons, feathers, fabric scraps, markers, paint, glitter, glue, etc.


  1. If using butcher paper, cut out a large piece in the desired size.
  2. Using colored tape, create a grid pattern on the paper.
  3. Gather around and get to work decorating. Outline a child’s hand, write family member’s names or silly words describing each person, and add crafty details like buttons or silk flowers.

For more craft project ideas, be sure to pop over to the KinderCare blog.

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