Familiar face helps CD in need

Edith and Tiffany reunited at KinderCare.

Edith and Tiffany reunited at KinderCare.

Tiffany Dixon is a KinderCare center director in Virginia Beach, Va. Although her professional career with KinderCare began four years ago, her history with the company goes back more than 20 years – to her own days as a KinderCare kid.

When Dixon was four her dad, a Navy SEAL, went overseas for a 25-month deployment during the first Gulf War. Dixon and her mother moved more than 1,000 miles, relocating to Virginia Beach. Shortly after their move, Dixon’s mother decided to go back to work; a major change for four-year-old Dixon who, up until that point, had rarely had so much as a babysitter, let alone gone to school.

Her mother chose the KinderCare center near their house and enrolled Dixon in the preschool program, making an instant connection with Ms. Edith, the teacher.

“Ms. Edith was the first person my mom trusted to care for me in her absence and as an adult, I still remember my days in her class,” Dixon said.

One thing Dixon remembers was her stubborn refusal to take a daily nap. Edith figured out that if she let Dixon draw pictures to send to her father she would stay quietly on her cot until the end of nap time.

“That was 26 years ago – before we had the six service values we live by now – but she clearly met the needs of each individual child,” Dixon said. “She became the face of KinderCare for my family and she made a huge difference in our lives during a very difficult time.”

During a recent staffing bind Dixon reached out to a neighboring center to see if they could send a substitute teacher. She never believed who would walk through the door: Ms. Edith. Teacher and student happily reunited and snapped a picture to commemorate the day.

“Twenty-six years ago she helped shape my little life, and now it has come full circle as I work here as well.”

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