Tom Talks episode 1: Continuing our impressive growth

Welcome to Tom Talks, a new weekly podcast with Knowledge Universe CEO Tom Wyatt. Today, Tom talks about the great potential for growth at KU. “The environment and experience at a center that is [full] is remarkably different…it’s more fun,” says Tom. A full center presents the opportunity to make a lifelong impact on more children around the country. Click the play button on the image below to hear about Tom’s goals for growth and filling our centers.

3 thoughts on “Tom Talks episode 1: Continuing our impressive growth

  1. Wow! Interesting to mention that there is so much money sitting out there for us to make just in our existing sites and centers as a company! Great motivation to get out there and fill these seats!


  2. This is such a phenomenal idea, I really enjoyed the podcast from Tom. Totally agree let’s fill our Centers! Every child should experience our World Class curriculum!

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