Service Values Storybook spotlights most engaged centers

Capture2Every day, center directors and their staff work hard to build lasting relationships with every family that walks through the center door. Whether it be helping a child learn to tie her shoes, or helping getting center families engaged in a community event, every center has the potential to make a lasting impact on children and families.

To get all centers to be a place that every child, parent, and teacher can’t imagine a world without, the Talent Experience team pulled together best practices and inspiring family engagement stories for the Service Values Storybook.

“We believe that if you’re living your Service Values, your engagement will increase,” said Stefani Jenness, project specialist. “The engagement surveys are coming up, and we hope that these stories will inspire and encourage people to be their best.”

The Service Values Storybook shares stories from centers across the country: In Fresno, Calif., Yesenia Sanchez organizes community runs to benefit a child in her center with cerebral palsy; In Tennessee, Katrica Hoggs appoints teachers in her center as Hospitality Coordinators who put personal touches on center tours to bring them to life.
These CDs and more share how they’ve built great relationships with families.

“I am so glad that I am a part of the storybook and my center is so lucky to be involved,” said Sara Schwerin, center director at KinderCare in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Sara shared the story of her infant teacher, Leiha, who works with a specialist to make her classroom warm, welcoming, and accessible for two premature twins.

The storybook lives online and will be updated with fresh content monthly.

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